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mart. 06 2009

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Hei girls, today we have some of the most secret secrets about boys at our disposal. This information was taken from studies done at many universities and is scientifically proven. Here you have the info on how boys really are:

1.  If you get close to or hug a man he feels happy because his body will produce a hormone which will make him feel this way. 

2.  Guys will stay in a relationship if there is a spark in the first kiss, if not……..forget it. 

3. Men with blue eyes unconsciously look fro women with blue eyes. 

4. For most guys, love is as important as family and friends. 

5. When a guy likes you, he feels the need to take up space around you. So he will open his arms wide around you and sit with his leg open. 

6. And finally, according to this study, the best-looking men in the world are Italians


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