By: Lady RoCS'

mart. 10 2009

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At times it seems that life is a mess and this is made worse when at the same time it seems like everything is going perfectly for our best friend…her parents are cool, she’s with a nice guy and she always gets what she wants.

The first thing to do is ask why you feel sad and feel the way you do toward your friend.

 The second thing to do is figure out where the emotion comes from and the try to share how you feel. Instead of thinking badly about your friend, explain to her how you feel and ask her for help. For sure she’ll understand where you are coming from and try to help – she’s your friend after all. 

And then the third step, which is taking a moment to remember all the good things which have happened with this person. The laughs, fun times, secrets and worries and even the sadness……..


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