Aner – Remember lyrics

By: Lady RoCS'

iun. 18 2012

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Una dintre melodiile mele preferate din sezonul acesta : Aner – Remember

Iata si versurile :

Rf: Remember, the time we spent togheter
Remember, remember me
You will always be…

Don’t loose your heart
We will never be apart
I will be next to you
I’ll be here for you…
Don’t say goodbye
Everything will be all right
That’s what she said to me
She said to me…

A part of me (x2)

You will always be a part of me

I don’t wanna sleep
‘Cause my dream is falling apart
I feel this pain so deep
Deep into my heart
I’m not that strong
I can’t make it without you
Tell me is this the end
For me and you…


You will always be
The girl that i need
The ever eye bleed
Bring me to life
‘Cause my heart is lonely
I need you baby
So can you fix me
Look at me now i’m for you
‘Cause my love is so real

A part of me (x2)


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